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25 December 2009 @ 07:54 pm
Interview with MUCC!! in Japanese and English!!  
It's a Small and Large World After All
English | 日本語

■MUCC WORLD CIRCUIT 2009 -Solid Sphere-

先日、 MUCC WORLD CIRCUIT 2009 -Solid Sphere-のファイナルを東京、JCBホールで迎えたムック。
初の南米公演も大成功させ、大盛況のうちに幕を閉じた今回のツアーだったが、彼らはこの ツアーを通して何を思ったのか?

■MUCC WORLD CIRCUIT 2009 -Solid Sphere-
Interview after World Tour
It's a Small and Large World After All

Just the other day the final concert of the MUCC world tour 'MUCC WORLD CIRCUIT 2009 -Solid Sphere-' was held at Tokyo's JCB Hall. They successfully completed their tour amid much praise, most notably with a couple of stellar performances during their first ever concerts in South America. What sorts of things crossed their minds while performing at each stop? Having completed their long journey, we sat down with MUCC to discuss their thoughts about the tour.